Mechanical Requirements

Magazine ad sizes for SnoRiders, RidersWest, GolfWest, RVwest, Kootenay Business and Mining & Energy.

BetterBook directory ad sizes

Web banner ad sizes and files size requirements

Sending information to Koocanusa Publications

Emailing requirements

Acceptable formats for print publications

Please note: All eps and PDF files are to be CMYK with fonts embedded or turned into outlines. All ads should be checked to be sure spelling is correct before being sent.

No True Type Fonts: When sending fonts with ads all fonts must be post script fonts - No true type fonts.

We can accept the following formats:

  • QuarkXpress. Mac and PC. All fonts and graphics must be included. Fonts must be Postscript fonts. No True Type fonts.
  • Adobe Illustrator. Mac and PC. Make sure any colours are separated using process CMYK and all fonts are outlines.
  • PDF files: All PDFs must be CMYK with fonts embedded or turned into outlines. If using crop marks place them at least 1/4” away from the actual ad copy. Please send all ads in this format.
  • Microsoft Word: Use this program to send text only and save simply as a text file. Do not send graphics, logos or pictures. We cannot use them.
  • EPS files: Convert type to outlines and use process CMYK for any colours. Logos should always be EPS files so they can be changed or made colour at some time.
  • TIFF and High Quality JPEG files must be scanned in at 300 dpi. Photos are okay as tiffs or high quality jpegs. Changes cannot be made to TIFF files. Ads sent as a tiff file will have to be redone by the customer if modifications are required. Do not send ads as tiff files. Use PDF format only.
  • InDesign PDFs or EPS files only. All InDesign PDFs or eps files must be CMYK high resolution files with fonts embedded or made into outlines.

Unacceptable formats for print publication

Please do not send the following formats:

  • Word processing programs: We cannot use any graphics, logos or pictures sent in Word, Works, or Word Perfect. All such items must be sent separately as EPS or Tiff documents or mail a quality copy to us and we will scan and return it.
  • No Microsoft Publisher files. We can’t use any text, graphics, logos or ads sent to us in Microsoft Publisher.
  • No GIF files. Resolution is too low and the quality is much too poor for our print publications. Send as an EPS, Tiff or high quality JPEG.

Acceptable formats for all websites

jpg, gif, png, pdfs are acceptable formats for submitting materials for our websites.

Photos and logos

The best format for sending photos is a high-res jpg with the resolution set at 300dpi. Photos for editorial purposes should include the name of the photographer and names of any people shown in the photo.

Compression requirements

We can accept zip format or self extracting archives.